get any manb, become supergirl

How to become a magnet for men

1. Become a girly woman

feminine girl

To many women of the man do not approach to get acquainted only because those send the wrong fluids. What does it mean? Only we obtain 7% of information on the person by means of words, 30% – by means of a voice, and the lion’s share, it is more than 60%, by means of nonverbal signals – gestures, poses, appearance and behavior. That is on what biochemical processes are started by the person. If the girl thinks how to her it is sad, badly, alone, at her in blood cortisol and hormone of fear adrenaline begin to be allocated stress hormone, and there is a wish to steer clear of such young lady.

And here when she is cheerful and happy, women’s hormones and dopamine – pleasure hormone are emitted. Then the girl as if shines from within, and men are flown to this biochemistry and immediately approach to get acquainted. To the man of one look suffices to consider information, the girl is happy or it is offended by life what it has more inside – pleasures or pains. The perfect example of feminine girls can be seen on Jasminlive because they are online to seek attention from men and they know how to become a magnet by just streaming live video stream and men go to chat just by looking at them and pay for private.

Do everything to stay in a positive attitude: you smile, laugh, smothered by favorite aromas, remember the best moments of life. Your task – to feel happy right now, and then will surround you a loop of gentlemen.

3. Get in to the good social circle

macho men

If in the field of your sight there are no successful men, it is necessary to find the place where they are found. Think in what sphere your future husband has to work, and go directly there. Expensive restaurant, fitness – yacht or aero club? Begin to read the thematic catalogs “100 best restaurants of Moscow”, to look for such places on the Internet, to learn where successful people go, to find out what hobbies at high-status men. At you is in a pocket of only 300 rubles? Anything terrible. You perfectly look, smile, go to good restaurant and order tea there.

At the same time, smile beautifully you defile and you show yourself to surrounding men. Your task – to show not the financial solvency, and to show itself to the bigger number of men from the most attractive party.

2. Dress up nicely

sexy dress

The high-rank man chooses the girl as the business card therefore it is necessary to make an impression of the luxury woman. This is not about expensive branded things, but it is necessary to refuse business, too informal, sports and teenage style. Dresses and skirts several times enhance femininity. Buy a beautiful evening dress and crazy shoes – and you will see: you will have soon an occasion to go in it somewhere. Add an unusual accessory which would tell something about you to people around to clothes: a stylish hat, a fan, sticks in the Japanese style in knot of hair, a bright bracelet.

Try to think up as much as possible such “anchors” for which an eye of the man could be hooked and to become a reason for acquaintance or the beginning of a conversation.

4. Choose your target and apply the Cinderella tactics

Cinderella and prince

Mentally install in the head the “the radar of interesting men” program. How does it work? You come into some room (the subway car, fitness club, on a party, a conference) and at once scan perimeter in search of the man who to you is nice. There are such? Having chosen the most decent object, as much as possible you pull together a distance and you try to come into visual contact for several seconds. Look to him in eyes, smile, look away and beautifully defile by. More details about the Cinderella method can be found on EliteDaily article on how to get any man – even the Alpha one.

You attracted the man, and now run away. The girl can only initiate acquaintance, and the man here has to get acquainted.

5. Act from all fronts

I am often asked: “What to do if the necessary man just does not look in my party?” How to draw attention of this concrete object? There is a wish to tell: yes, stop focusing around one man! Pay attention to others, upgrade the female rating, flirt.

At best the desired man, and in the worst – the man even more successful at last will pay attention to you.

The same advice can be given also to those girls who want to get the relations with the male friend. The most effective way is to develop itself as the woman, to become more and more attractive. And then he will think: my gosh I have a girlfriend!