male model

Male modelling situation in Eastern Europe

Here are some information about male models situation in Eastern European countries from a local casting director.

The most wanted type – the man of 30-40 years. He should not look too young. It is important to have a nice face, a beautiful smile and a good constitution. Such men play roles of careful fathers, happy husbands and businessmen. It not necessarily has to be the actor or professional model. Such people come to the world of shootings, as a rule, accidentally. For them it is good additional money.

Young guys are always wanted for various advertising projects too. It can be advertising of food, mobile operators, medications and also catalogs of clothes and a jewelry. To be wanted model in such projects, it is not necessary to do too creative hairstyles, numerous tattoos, piercing, to raise a long beard. At men, as well as at women, the naturalness is welcomed. A classical accurate hairstyle, a snow-white smile, the tightened, but not “rolled” body – here some key components of most wanted male models.

In local projects in Russia the male model will not earn much. For young guys, as well as for the girls starting a model career, the fee will not exceed 300 dollars. Here it is about commercial projects. For example, to get to TV advertising, it is necessary to pass a casting which means the competition and existence at least of the minimum actor’s data. If the type 35+, then is necessary for the competition much less here, and the fees are higher. A rate for small bit parts, group or crowd scenes in which it is possible to participate regularly, on average 10-50 dollars. That is why a lot of guys are working for Cameraboys and making some additional income that way. However, it is quite good experience and an opportunity to acquire a portfolio, especially if the man plans to work with model abroad.


Besides, there is a work option in Russia or Ukraine. Not always the customer will be ready to pay to you the road, especially on tests. But the average fees in Moscow several times exceed ours. Therefore, if the casting director is interested in you, it is worth risking. Male models which are demanded in our small market will be demanded and there.